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Planet friendly

One of the core pillars ofás is the use of eco-friendly materials. We meticulously source sustainable raw materials, such as organic cotton, metal free biodegradable leather, recycled plastics among others, to craft our footwear. By avoiding harmful chemicals and reducing waste in our productions, atás we aim to significantly minimize our environmental impact. In fact, we constantly seek out innovative, renewable materials to push the boundaries of sustainability in the industry.

Keeping it local

Empowering local communities is very important forás . That is why we prioritise partnerships with local suppliers when we design our products. By sourcing materials from nearby areas, we not only support regional economies but also reduce long transportation needs which leads to lower carbon emissions. This approach is in line with our commitment to adopt sustainable practices at every step of the way and contributes to the preservation of biodiversity by avoiding unnecessary resource depletion. Together, we can step towards a brighter, more eco-conscious future.